Mota Italic Gallery Opening

Mota Italic Gallery Opening

Last night, the Mota Italic Gallery opened for business. Billed as a “type foundry, gallery, and boutique,” the Mota Italic space in Berlin’s Prenzaluer Berg neighborhood represents a new chapter in the company history. Founded in October 2009 by Rob and Sonja Keller, Mota Italic is dedicated to offering complex typographic solutions to clients worldwide. On a local level, Mota Italic now offers a venue for typographic exchange.

The Mota Italic Gallery’s premiere exhibition, Capital: Berliner Buchstaben, will run through July 22, 2011. For the inaugural show, Rob and Sonja invited 27 Berlin-based illustrators to create pieces of lettering dedicated to single glyphs from typefaces by 27 Berlin-based type designers. Why the number 27? Aside from the 26 letters of the alphabet, Mota Italic included the ß, a favorite German diacritic.

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TYPO-Berlin 2011 coverage

TYPO-Berlin 2011 logo
Image 1: The theme of this year’s TYPO-Berlin conference is “Shift.” The logo’s typeface is FF Basic Gothic, designed by Hannes von Döhren.
Europe’s largest graphic design conference will convene for the 16th time this week. From May 19–21, over 1,500 design professionals will gather in Berlin’s impressive Haus der Kulturen der Welt congress hall for TYPO-Berlin 2011. Organized by FontShop AG – founded by Joan and Erik Spiekermann in 1989 – TYPO-Berlin is now part of a series. TYPO will expand, for the first time, to London in October.

FontShop was kind enough to issue me a press ticket to this year’s event, so I will be filing reports for I Love Typography during and after the conference. Personally, TYPO-Berlin is one of my annual design highlights. 2011 will be the eighth time that I attend. My first visit was back in 2004; during those three days, I learned more in than I in a typical college semester. After additional installments as a student, and as a member of the Linotype staff, I gave a presentation of my own during TYPO-Berlin 2010. After seven rounds, the TYPO-Berlin organization team still continues to surprise me; there are several great speakers in the line-up that I have never heard before, including April Greiman, Jost Hochuli, Robin Kinross, and Kris Sowersby. Aside from these, there are easily at least a dozen other talks that I am looking forward to hearing, and which I am eager to cover.

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KABK and MATD discussion in Berlin

Now this is a panel discussion that you don’t want to miss:

Handgloves or adhesion

Reading or writing, KABK Den Haag or the University of Reading? It is often said about the two renowned typedesign masters degree programs (and their graduates) that they are rivals. There can be passionate discussions about the best method to draw an S. But is it true that both schools don’t like each other? Must it really be a question of faith which side one takes? What are the characteristics of the programs and in what ways do they differ? Those, and all your other questions, will be answered by two graduates from each school: Veronika Burian, Christoph Dunst, Laura Meseguer and Dan Reynolds.

Taking place at 2pm on Friday, May 21, this panel discussion is up against Niels Meulman: Calligraphy, and lunch. If you were thinking about grabbing a bite to eat at the TYPO next Friday afternoon, think again! Taking place in the TYPO Nest, this thrilling panel will be moderated by Prof. Indra Kupferschmid.

Historically, each type]media class visits TYPO Berlin as part of the yearly course’s program; there are sure to be plenty of Dutch partisans in the audience. So, Reading peeps within flying or driving distance of Berlin, you know where you should be next week. Veronika and I might need back up…
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TYPO-Berlin 2008 countdown

TYPO-Berlin 2008 .img logo

It is time for the countdown to TYPO-Berlin 2008 to begin. Today is my last day in Berlin for about six weeks; I’ll be returning in just 43 days, on the night before FontShop’s annual conference. About half a dozen students from the University of Reading’s MATD program will be in attendance; we booked early, and have been looking forward to the event since at least Decemeber.

Once again taking place in the freshly-renovated Haus der Kulturen der Welt on Berlin’s river Spree, this year will mark my fifth TYPO-Berlin conference. I’ve been to each one since 2004. Suddenly I feel much, much older. Where’s my cake?
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TYPO Berlin blog; free tickets?

It has been awhile since I mentioned FontBlog, and so I will do it again. Jürgen posted an entry there today reminding all readers of the TYPO Berlin blog. Turns out, this is a very important site that we should all bookmark, and for two reasons. First off, TYPO Berlin is just a fabulous conference; I hope to meet you all there at the end of May! Any info to be had about the event just whets the appetite further. Moreover, they seem to be giving away a free ticket every week! If you don’t read, how can you win? Unfortuantely, the blog is only in German. I get the FontShop Germany website and the FontBlog being German-only, but TYPO Berlin is so international, and not German-only. I guess that with Babelfish, everyone should be able to get by, even if the jokes get lost. Don’t give up hope!

Last TYPO 2007 post, I swear

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

TYPO Berlin 2007 is over. Time to start looking forward to Typo Berlin 2008, as well as the upcoming Tage der Typografie conference, the ICTVC in Thessaloniki, TypeCon in Seattle, and the ATypI conference in Brighton!

The FontBlog has put together the definitive list—do not even attempt to top it—of blogosphere coverage of the conference. I’ve covered the days myself here, here, here, here, and here.

This was the fourth time I’ve had the opportunity to attend TYPO Berlin. The TypeOff archives store a few notes from 2006 and 2005. Take a look back! Otherwise, see you next year!
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Slanted talks.

The two from Slanted on stage.

…and today they talked about magazines. First came what they call “the new minimalism.” What is that about? Well, how does one make a new, independent-looking style magazine, for instance? Simple. Reduced layout, lots of white space, a grid, fancy page numbers, and text in Helvetica or a classic serif face. Plus sort-of everyday photography (will photographers be mad at me for writing that?).

Can one put all of this in the brand eins drawer, or is brand eins just the most prominent example? According to Slanted, brand eins style equals soft minimalism and straightness. It is neither at all sensitive nor playful; the opposite of both David Carson’s Raygun years and even Purple.

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Stewf & Bald Condensed

Stephen Coles at TYPO Berlin 2007
Bad cameraphone photo… but hey, it lets me blog instantaneously!

Stephen Coles, Stephen Coles, Stephen Coles. He is the father of internet type discussion. Or at least its uncle. For years, Typographica was the center of the font lover’s universe. Typophile seems to have taken over the entire English-speaking world, but even there, he has been ever-present.

Yves Peters run the Type ID board at Typophile. He also reviews typefaces for and at His chopping-block is feared, while he fears no one. Yves began his career at FontShop BeNeLux, and Stephen works at FontShop San Francisco. He sort of does the same job there that I do at Linotype, or at least we came to this sort of agreement in an e-mail several years ago. I’ve never really met him in person.

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More 2nd Day TYPO

Otmar and FW and Gary H 02
Linotype’s Frank Wildenberg and Otmar Hoefer with Gary Huswitt, director of the Helvetica Film, which will premiere in Berlin this Saturday night.

Almost 11am on Saturday, the last day of this year’s TYPO Berlin conference. Tonight, the Helvetica Film finally comes to Berlin—or any other part of Germany I happen to be in, for that matter.

A lot happened yesterday that I’ve only just been able to get online pictures for. So this is really a continuation of yesterday’s post about yesterday. Got that 😉

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