Old Degree Project Abstract

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My last semster at RISD was during the fall of 2001, during which time I was also an exchange student at the FH-Wiesbaden in Germany. I completed my degree project while abroad. It aimed to compare narratives implicit within Jewish gravestones in Newport, Rhode Island and those in Worms, Germany.

Why Jewish gravestones in Newport and Worms? The inspiration for this project (and the Newport Connection) stems from two courses that I took earlier at RISD. The first was The Jewish Narrative with Prof. Fink, a liberal arts class I took during the Spring of 2000 . The second was Introduction to the Hand-Drawn Letter, a class that I took during Wintersession in 1999 with John Hegnauer. In The Hand-Drawn Letter, we took a field trip to the Newport Common Burial Ground, to look at gravestones carved during the early 1700s. I have always been fascinated with this cemetery, having seen it many times during my childhood (my mother’s family is filled with Rhode Islanders). I came back to this cemetery one more time for my final project in The Jewish Narrative, comparing gravestones from its Jewish plots with those in its larger Christian portion.

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Lettering “On Lettering” Pt. 2


While I was a student at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach, I was involved in an illustration course interpreting letters and the book arts for an exhibition on at the Klingspor Museum. Instead of creating a series of illustrations or an ornamented alphabet, I set out on an eight-week meditative exercise. I did not intend to create a book at all, but rather scores of letters. The result was an oversized lettered page that took me back to Eric Gill’s assertion, “letters are things, not pictures of things.”

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Blumen für Südasien

Die englische Zeitschrift Building Letters, in Zusammenhang mit der Society of Typographic Aficionados’ Font Aid Kampaigne, hat am 6. Januar Designers weltweit angesprochen. Zehn Tage nach der Todesflut in Südasien und Ostafrika haben Schriftgestalter eine Basisaktion zur Unterstützung des Wiederaufbaus der Region begonnen. Schriftgestalter in aller Welt haben die nächsten Wochen benutzt, Schriftornamente zu zeichen. Diese werden von Font Aid in einen Font zusammengebastelt, den man jetzt bei MyFonts.com kaufen kann. Der Font wird in der nächsten Ausgabe des Building Letters Hefts zu sehen. Die Erträge werden dem langfristigen Wiederaufbau der Region gespendet. TypeOff hat an diesem Projekt teilgenommen und hat neun Ornamentzeichen produziert.

First Three Fleurons in a Row
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