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I should start off this short post by writing that I don’t know Robin Nicholas very well. Robin is the Head of Typography at Monotype Imaging, and is perhaps best known as the designer behind the Arial typeface. While we work in the same department at Monotype Imaging, we are in different locations. He’s at the Monotype UK office in Salfords, England, and I work for Linotype GmbH in Germany—mostly from my residence in Berlin. I have had the pleasure of meeting Robin on a few occasions, and he has always struck me as reserved, interesting, and brilliant. I have long been an admirer of his work, especially his Nimrod typeface, which he created for newspaper printing. Robin has been with Monotype since the 1960s.

Over Twitter a few moments ago, I learned of a new web video interview with Robin that had been posted on the blog. I think that this is just a joy to watch. Robin has me with every word, and I wish that the 2:54 minute video were at least 10 times as long. Maybe it is the English accent?

In the interview, Robin discusses a corporate face Monotype created for SAS—which he calls his proudest achievement, as well as Centaur (his favorite typeface). Robin is asked during the interview about web fonts, which I think is thrilling, because the coming of web fonts means that one of his own designs may now be used less often.

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  1. Working with Robin has been one of the greater pleasures of the last year-and-a-half or so. He’s really sharp, and incredibly gracious. I hope time allows him to escape from under the shadow of the unfortunate credit that’s constantly given to him, and get credit for all the work that ought to be his real legacy.

  2. Dan Reynolds 11 May 2010 at 22:25

    I am really quite envious of you three over there.

    Fabio has pointed out over on Twitter that—in the video clip—the SAS airplane’s markings are in Rotis. While Rotis is one of the typefaces used by SAS, along with the SAS Sans that Robin mentions, I didn’t see the SAS Sans in the video. But I still think that SAS Sans is quite awesome.

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