End-of-year fave font lists

At the end of December, lists crop up around the Internet summarizing the best fonts of the previous year. 2008 is no exception. I’m building a re-cap.

The first list that came into my RSS-Feed was Ivo’s (in German, with good images). See it at Fontwerk.com

List number two is I Love Typography‘s, which is great, but which includes at least two typefaces that were released in mid-2007 (Blaktur and Soho). I don’t know how I feel about that yet. At least he had a shout-out for Skolar, which will surely be one of the best typefaces of 2009. Although I have a hat that I’d like to throw into that ring as well…

FontShop takes list-making one step further, creating end-of-the-year products that people can buy. 2008 is the second year in a row for this (Forgot 2007 already?). See what they do on a specially-devoted FontStars website. Mad props to whoever selected Tom Grace’s Givry, a 2008 release from TypeTogether.

Some lists are not up to this same level of snuff. Some lists are downright not good, and clearly not meant for the typographically-included. Like this list, which was linked to on DesignObsever (although I think that they liked it…).

Now that I near the end of this post, I must admit that I’m beginning to tire of “best fonts of the year” lists. I mean, Typographica sort of had that rolled up by 2005. There, you can still see several years’ worth of great images and text documenting the typographic landscape of the mid-2000s (like this, this, and this). No one else matches that level of awesomeness yet. I think that it would be even cooler to expand to new frontiers. I for one, would relish a “best foundries of 2008″ list far more. Who wants to write that one up?


  1. thinks of some clever justification for inclusion of the two 2007 releases …

    I guess I just really wanted to mention them. It would have been a good idea, however, to mention that they were in fact released in 2007.

    Love your idea about the “Best Foundries” list. I’ve got some draft articles introducing the best types of a half dozen foundries, but not limited to any particular year. The idea was to introduce each foundry, a little history … that kind of thing.

    Are you hoping to release Martel in 2009?

  2. That sounds good! But I am a stats man. I want to compare foundries objectively (which is why I can’t compare them myself ;-). For instance, Foundry X released XX new typefaces this year, and X of them are good. Compare with Foundry Y, who released YY new typefaces this year, YY of which are good.

    But that’s not all! Let’s say that Foundry Y did some terrible thing, like let person ZZ ZZ go. Minus some points. Meanwhile, Foundry X created the new service named AA, which turns out to have been just awesome, etc. Yet, Foundry B published a new type specimen, which is good, but less good than the smaller book by Foundry C…

    Every year, the numbers get crunched again. Sort of like League Tables in the UK.

  3. >Are you hoping to release Martel in 2009?

    Yes, but with a different name.

  4. Typographica’s 2008 review is in progress. You’re both on the nomination invitation list. Expect it this week.

  5. Can’t wait!

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