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Stephen Coles at TYPO Berlin 2007
Bad cameraphone photo… but hey, it lets me blog instantaneously!

Stephen Coles, Stephen Coles, Stephen Coles. He is the father of internet type discussion. Or at least its uncle. For years, Typographica was the center of the font lover’s universe. Typophile seems to have taken over the entire English-speaking world, but even there, he has been ever-present.

Yves Peters run the Type ID board at Typophile. He also reviews typefaces for and at His chopping-block is feared, while he fears no one. Yves began his career at FontShop BeNeLux, and Stephen works at FontShop San Francisco. He sort of does the same job there that I do at Linotype, or at least we came to this sort of agreement in an e-mail several years ago. I’ve never really met him in person.

The both of these gentlemen are currently presenting at TYPO Berlin 2007. I won’t sum up their talk’s great theme… the conference website has done that already.

Yves Peters
Yves Peters gets a photo, too.


  • “Screw prettiness… screw formal education.” – Stephen Coles about the era of grunge typography.
  • Yves’s dancing during the lecture (sorry… no photo :( anyone else?)
  • The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony samples too much of an obscure Rolling Stones song. Therefore, all royalties revert to the Stones, and the Verve don’t make any money on their biggest hit. – Yves Peters
  • Yves is way better at math than I am.

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